Notes on the text

A complete edition of Deakin’s Morning Post has been long awaited.[1] JA La Nauze’s 1968 work Federated Australia presented a selection of extracts from the letters appearing in the Morning Post between 1901 and 1910, ending with the defeat of the third Deakin Government in April that year.[2]

Once complete, this multi-volume series and epublication will present, without notes, the complete collection of letters published in the Morning Post between 1901 and 1914.

The Parliamentary Library will be publishing the letters progressively as each volume is completed, that year’s letters will be added to this website.

The text has been transcribed from newspaper microfilm, none of Deakin’s original manuscripts having survived.[3] Original headlines and subheadings written by Morning Post editors have been retained, as have, generally, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and other accidentals. Obvious misprints and misspellings have been corrected silently.

The letters are organised chronologically by date of writing. Two dates are provided for each letter, the first being the date of writing, the second that of its publication in the Morning Post. Where the date of writing was not printed, or was printed incorrectly, in the Morning Post, it has been added in square brackets on the basis of the list of published Letters in Appendix II of La Nauze’s edition.[4]

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