This collection of Deakin’s letters to the Morning Post has been in progress for a number of years, and continues so to be. The Parliamentary Library would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following organisations and individuals who have contributed expertise, permission to use images or archival records, or given access to their collections, as follows: the Deakin family; National Archives of Australia; National Library of Australia; Flinders University Library; Dixson Library, State Library of New South Wales; Dr Dianne Heriot; Julia Adam; Robin Bell; Rowena Billing; Barbara Coe; Carlene Dunshea; David Faraker; Catherine Gilbert; Jonathon Guppy; Matthew Harris; Dr David Headon; Nicholas Horne; Joanne James; Maryanne Lawless; Cathy Madden; Mary Anne Neilsen; Charissa O’Sullivan; Matthew Smith; Leo Terpstra; and Ellen Weaver.